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HQ Office Building
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Project description
The challenge of this project was how to rebuild two adjacent old town houses destroyed by the civil war and transform them into one modern office building (the Head quarters of a leading construction company). All traditional architectural detailing was reassessed and readapted to high quality modern standards while preserving its initial refined aesthetical characteristics. The landscaping had to establish the building’s relationship with a re-born city and reintroduce these old houses into the new architectural fabric of the neighborhood.

Built Area: 4.850 m²
Date: 1998-2001
Location: Omar Daouk Street, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Project team
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
with GM-Architects (Galal Mahmoud and Gilbert Bocti)

Collaborators: Akl Akl; Marc Abi-Rached, Lise Acra, Ghaleb Cabbabé

3d Imaging: Georges Chakhachiro