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Multi-Use Complex
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Project description
Architectural Competition
Situated in Beirut’s Central District, in a particularly sensitive location, the project’s requirements were to maintain a traditional architectural character. This led us to: 1) Reformulate the existing typologies into contemporary architectural language. 2) Preserve the building’s unity despite the differences in the adjacent constructions and the complexity of its functional chart (luxury residential flats, office and commercial space). 3) Design an urban landmark at the corner of both streets facing Bank Audi HQ.
Although, according to the client, our project was “the best”, local political issues resulted in the project being done by others.

Built Area: ~24.000m²
Date: 2003
Location: Bab Edriss, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Project team
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
Collaborators: Akl Akl, Naji Abdelnour
3d Imaging: Naji Abdelnour