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Office Building
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Project description
Composed of a central glass core and surrounded by an L-shaped stone cladded volume, the building offers total flexibility in its interior partitioning. Technical shafts, vertical circulations and meeting rooms are within the stone cladded tower, whereas all offices are located towards the view. Projected slabs offer a sunshade protection to all offices areas. The outline, alignment, heights, as well as the low street-scale volume, are a direct consequence of the district’s town planning and regulations. The building’s stone volumes allow the transition between the surrounding structures and the new glass core.

Built Area: ~3.000 m²
Date: 2004
Location: Al Qods Street, Lattakieh, Syria

Project team
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
Local Architect: Ali Kteish
Collaborators: Akl Akl, Jad Murr

3d Imaging: Naji Abdelnour