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Chaldean Communal Cemetery
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Project description
Existing old vaults in this deep-sloped plot inspired the cemetery grid and global layout. Familial and individual vaults are separated by an internal path leading to the chapel’s square. An intricate circuit of ceremonial ramps, linked by shortcut stairs, lead to all areas of the cemetery. All three main blocks are embraced by one rigorous architectural language. Forms, materials and colors are studied and adjusted to fade into the sloped pine tree hill. Planted terraces cover all built elements.

Built Area: 1.200 m²
External Areas: 6.000 m²
Date: 2004-2009
Location: Ain Saadé, Lebanon.

Project team
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
Collaborators: Jad Murr;
Akl Akl
3D Imaging: Naji Abdelnour