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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Project description
This architectural competition launched by the CDR (Council of Development & Reconstruction) was later on discarded by the ministry due to the economical situation. The challenge of this project, located in the heart of Beirut’s Central District, was to work within the strict urban regulations to reflect the architectural heritage of the area, but also to create a landmark. We chose to define it as follows: Linked to heritage yet open to new horizons. The external stone skin interacts with the immediate surroundings while glazed curtain walls reflect and provide, at the same time, an intricate image of the modern and the old city.

Built Area: ~22.000 m²
External Areas: 1.500 m²
Date: 2002
Location: ESCWA Square, BCD, Beirut, Lebanon.

Project team
Joint Venture: ETEC s.a.l. / AK-Architects
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
Collaborators: Akl Akl, Marc Abi-Rached,
Jad Murr, Jad Rizk

3D Imaging: Jad Rizk