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House of Arts and Culture
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Project description
This project is an entry for one of the few local open competitions of its kind.
Pictured first of all as a flexible and transparent space full of energy, the House of Arts and Culture will be permeable to cultural flow, all sorts of artistic trends, and above all be permeable to the unfolding of time and trends.
The plot faces a renovated traditional building and a public space articulated around a beautiful tree.
The general approach was to align the core of the center with the existing building and liberate the rest of the plot, creating continuity in public spaces. The main theatrical space could either be buried beneath the plaza, or suspended above it. We opted for the latter, as it generates a covered public space and establishes a noble relationship between the performing space and the city.
In response to the expectations of the architectural program that called for a flexible and polyvalent theatrical space, we adopted an innovative disposition that allows total flexibility and maximal functionality, making any scenography possible.

Built Area: 20.600 m²
Date: 2009
Location: Downtown Beirut.

Project team
Architecture: Joint Venture Team:
AK-Architects, Beirut (Team Leader)
Avedissian & Partners, Beirut
GDLC, Paris