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Kuwait Head of Mission Residence
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Project description
Winner of an architectural competition, this project is to accommodate the main residence of the Kuwait Ambassador in Bahrain along with its public reception hall. A shaded “artificial sky” develops into a majestic canopy defining main entrances and providing shade for an official courtyard. The northern elevation is masked by a "mousharabieh"-like curtain wall. The interior private garden develops around a swimming pool and slides under the main master bedroom wing, only protruding volume from the linear geometry. Although the architectural language is modern, it is inspired by traditional features.

Built Area: ~4.500 m²
Date: 2006
Location: Bani Otbah Avenue, Manama, Bahrain.

Project team
Joint Venture: ETEC s.a.l./ AK-Architects
Architecture: Kamel Abboud
Collaborators: Jad Murr, Carlos Moubarak;
Naji Abdelnour, Ioanna Zachariou; Toufic El Hajj
3D Imaging: Naji Abdelnour/Ioanna Zachariou