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Ulugh Beg Cultural Center
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Project description
International design competition – Urban planning. Thousands of years of cultural diversity layered along with the sharp Soviet town planning characterized this historical city center. In the middle of the site flows a small river dividing the city into cultural (religious) and administrative (public) center. We threw a massive bridge over the river bed, linking the separate parts of the city creating a complex fabric of social and physical relations; a bridge linking the historical heritage left by Ulugh Beg – one of the sons of Genghis Khan - and the future vision for the city. A business center located at the prow of the site symbolized the “cutting edge” of the capitalistic world to come.

Built Area: ~ 300.000 m²
Date: 1990
Location: Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Project team
Architecture: Kamel Abboud, Ramez Dermarkar, Wrastislaw Mrazovac, Twan Phan-Dang